Fast-growing, lightweight, warp resistant and strong. The entire deck features this beautiful and renewable wood.

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Flax fiber is a naturally sourced material with similar flex and tensile strength to fiberglass, but is more durable. It is usually nicknamed the natural Kevlar. We use it on the rails and hull of all EARTH Surf boards.

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The ultimate accessory that complements your adventurer set. All EARTH fins have been built around a wood core to complete the commitment to nature.

All boards we produce are shaped and glassed as follows, ending up with beautiful and durable pieces of nature:

  • Core: High density EPS Foam (1.5 lb/ft³) with central stringer
  • Bottom and rail Lamination: 4 oz fiberglass + 6 oz natural Flax fiber + 4 oz fiberglass
  • Deck lamination: 6 oz fiberglass + 4 oz fiberglass + 0.5 mm Paulownia wood layer + 4 oz fiberglass
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Matte finish